Services throughout the guarantee life-cycle

Guarantee Vault offers long-term, secure and cost-effective services to applicants, guarantors, beneficiaries and intermediaries right across the life of a guarantee including application, issuance and post-issuance.

1. Application

  • Applicants through their existing systems can make requests for digital guarantees
  • Guarantors receive standardized requests for digital guarantees from applicants and beneficiaries

2. Issuance

  • Guarantors can issue, store and make available digital guarantees
  • Applicants and beneficiaries can access digital guarantees instantly at source

3. Post-Issuance

  • Applicants & beneficiaries through their existing systems can make post-issuance requests directly on digital guarantees stored in the vault (includes amendments, releases, claims)
  • Banks and sureties can execute post-issuance requests (changes) on digital guarantees

4. Safe Keeping Services

  • Safe keeping of digital guarantees issued and stored on Guarantee Vault
    • Secured on the cloud to ISO27001 standards
  • Reporting for reconciliation and oversight


Applicants, Guarantors & Beneficiaries

  • Standardization of incoming / outbound requests (single source)
  • Resource savings through digitization efficiencies
  • Better oversight and control of outstanding guarantee portfolio
  • Significantly reduced reconciliation effort between all parties
  • Secure records resistant to tampering, fraud
  • Digital process that facilitates remote working (covid-19 impact)

Applicants & Guarantors

  • Seamless integration of issuance, request and release processe
  • Elimination of courier fees


  • Access all guarantors through the one platform (both banks & sureties)
  • Fast, efficient guarantee release
  • Faster repayment (where contingent on guarantee receipt)
  • Elimination of commission fees (from outstanding guarantees)


  • Increased level of service to clients
  • Digital Guarantees as a new product offering
  • Reduced time & effort on queries from clients
  • Guarantee Vault as a new channel for origination


  • Faster receipt of issued guarantees
  • Eliminates the problem of misplaced or lost guarantees